Solar photovoltaics and home lighting fuel choices: Evidence from rural households in Rwanda

Fydess Khundi-Mkomba1, Umaru G. Wali2, Etienne Ntagwirumugara1, Akshay K. Saha3


“Which project innovations are needed to reduce rural household energy poverty in Rwanda?” This paper utilized the 2013/2014 Rwandan Integrated Household Living Conditions survey dataset to address this policy question. An important finding of this study is that a considerable number of rural wealthy households are using solar panels as main fuel source for home lighting whilst the majority of the poor rural households are still dependent on traditional fuels such kerosene and others. Furthermore, the results from a multinomial probity model shows that poverty, education levels, and location factors are some of important factors that determine and influence solar photovoltaic uptake and rural home lighting fuel choices in Rwanda. The public policy implication of the research findings suggests the need to initiate social entrepreneurship and investment programs that will encourage solar photovoltaic uptake by poor and rural households.

EDP Sciences