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Submitted by admin on 9 December 2020

Dear ACE –ESD beneficiary,

The African Centers of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (ACE-ESD) hosted by the University of Rwanda (UR), College of Science and Technology (CST), wish to redress any grievances related to ACE II project implementation at the center. ACE-ESD has established a Grievance Redress Committee (GRC) and GRM policy to investigate on grievances (e.g., interview witnesses, access records) and handle them to take effective and quick actions.

Kindly do not hesitate to raise your sensitive issues because the ACE-ESD Grievances are treated confidentially, assessed impartially, and handled transparently.

In case you have any question or clarification, please contact Dr HAKIZIMANA Jean de Dieu by e-mail:, the ACE-ESD GRM focal point.

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