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Dr Edward KADOZI

In the area of academics, I hold a Ph.D in the Political Economics of development from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and masters’ degree in Policy Analysis from Tsinghua University, China, and a Bachelors’s degree from the University of Rwanda.  My Ph.D research project focused on remittances, institutions, and economic development in Africa and Rwanda in particular. It is available on this link:  I have written and published research papers on remittances, skills transfers, and economic development in Africa. I have written papers on remittances and poverty in Rwanda, and another on exports and economic growth in Rwanda.  My research work is in the areas of institutional economics, migration and development, the economics of remittances, trade, and capacity development in Africa and Rwanda in particular. My professional and academic experiences have built my capabilities in critical thinking, empirical research, and policy analysis, and policy development.

I have ten years of practical experience in lectureship at different universities and supervising graduate students in Rwanda and abroad. My teaching portfolio is in economic policies, environment economics, Development Theories and Strategies, research methods, and policy analysis. I have, and I supervise undergraduate and post-graduate students from Kigali Independent University, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the University of Rwanda. I supervise students working on different projects ranging from economics, environment, international development to management. Most of their research projects focus on Rwanda, East-Africa, and Africa in general.  I supervise projects using empirical work (with the application of econometrics) and descriptive mixed methods research.

Ph.D in the Political Economics of development
masters’ degree in Policy Analysis
Bachelors’s degree

I have over twelve years of hands-on experience in professional and academic work respectively. My professional experience revolves around policy development and policy analysis. I have developed several policies, strategies, and programs, and followed-up their implementation. I have a professional track record of working with Rwandan Government officials, development partners, the private sector, and Diaspora, where we have developed many interventions and implemented them jointly. My main fields of work have been in economic areas in Rwanda such as environment and natural resources, energy, social protection, employment, migration and development, economic diplomacy, finance sector development, etc.