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(404) 894-7407
Prof. Jonathan Colton

School of Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology


Dr Colton's research interests are in the areas of design and manufacturing, focusing on polymers and polymer composites. Processing techniques, such as micro-molding, injection molding, filament winding, resin transfer molding and the like, are studied and used to fabricate these devices and products, such as smart composite structures.The design of processing techniques and equipment for metamaterials also are being studied with applications being dielectric materials for electromagnetic applications. Due to the small-scale physics associated with their engineering, nano-scale metamaterials exhibit superior properties and enhanced performance.Dr. Colton has a strong passion for the application of engineering for the common good –"humanitarian design and engineering" and "design that matters," -such as in developingcountries and other resource limited environments. To be successful, multidisciplinary teams must work together to produce products that function as well as delight, that exceed customer's expectations, regardless of where the product is used. Along theselines, product design and role that the interactions between engineering and Industrial Design forms another research interest.