New Approach on Solar Water Heater Energy Smart Metering System Using Adafruit Feather 32u4FONA

E. Mudaheranwa, A. Rwigema, E. Ntagwirumugara,B. Bataringaya,Lawrence Letting


These days consuming and saving Energy efficiently it is becoming a major issue because the need for energy is increasing day by day. In this paper, one of the solution was to replace water electric heater by solar water heater, and hence elaborate an option where instead of paying the installation of the system, the domestic energy consumer pays the solar energy consumed while boiling the water from cold state to hot state. The goal of providing such data is to optimize and reduce their power consumption. The Energy Meter proposed here deals with the measurement of cold and hot water temperatures, the quantity of water used and hence calculate the energy being consumed by a consumer thereafter sends data to the provider’s message box who finally prepares the bill.

IEEE Publication