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ICT Facilities

The center offers a range of ICT facilities to students, staff and guests. Examples are high-speed Lan/wireless internet (max 100Mbps), advanced possibilities to print, University accounts and an own desktop environment.

Internet Accessibility

University has installed a Fiber Optic Cable (National Network Backbone) receiving 100Mbps from BSC (Broadband System Corporation BSC Limited). The internet is accessible around campus providing a reliable and efficient Internet connection to students, faculty members and staff and the center has a backup Internet accessibility for Our Staff and Students.

Wireless Coverage & Connectivity

University provides a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to students, faculty and staff allowing the internet to be accessed from most places on campus. The wireless coverage is freely available 24/7 to registered students, faculty members, staff and guests who visit the University.

Video Conference Systems

the center is equipped with Video Tele-conferences, which are used for communications all over the world, and facilitates virtual classes between center and other institutions and Student with their supervisors

Computer labs

The computer lab aims to provide basic functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere. The computer lab provides an environment for users to get support and assistance with computer related issues. The Center computer lab is open to all students. Computer labs have been equipped with high quality brand of machines consisting of more than 60 windows machines (acer Computers) and the has provided a large number of energy research software like (Scandal design, Mat lab, Spss, LabVIEW….etc.)

5. Printing and scanning

the university has a large number of printers and scanners for both staff and students. However, the center has provided a printer and scanner in the PhD students Office.