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For the first time, ACEESD Master’s students graduate

On 27th August 2021, the University of Rwanda held its long awaited graduation for the 2019 and 2020 classes. The graduation took place virtually due to the current measures to avoid the spread of COVID 19 Pandemic. The ceremony was presided over by Education Minister Dr Valentine Uwamariya.

32 Master’s students from the African Centre of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (ACEESD) were among the 8, 908 students who graduated. These 32 students specialized in Electrical Power System, Renewable Energy and Energy Economics.

esd graduates

All the Degrees and Diploma were awarded and conferred upon by the University Chancellor Ms Patricia Campbell who used virtual facilities to follow the graduation. She asked graduands to draw their attention to the good things they might never have had the chance to learn this early in their academic and professional lives were it not to be for corona virus.

Ms Patricia further commended graduates for resilience showcased during the uncertain times of COVID 19 which contributed to the University to reach graduation. “You have proven that you can persevere and succeed when faced the unpredicted challenges,” Patrcia said while expressing her belief in graduates’ capacity to adjust and work with new challenges.

Prof Alexandre Lyambabaje, the UR Vice Chancellor urged graduates to be determined to take something valuable back to their communities and governments. He also asked them to bring back something to the University of Rwanda for continuity and excellence after their graduation.

Jean Pierre BIZABAKORAHO, one of our students specialized in Electrical Power System. He said that along his journey at ACEESD, he had a clear understanding that the energy sector does not stand till rather there is a growing demand for increased efficiency, keeping environment clean and safe lead to sustainability.

He is appreciative to the skills he got. “I am appreciate the way ACEESD helped us get incomparable skills in electrical power system theories and good practices. I am encouraging young engineers to join this Centre to be more competitive in electrical engineering theories and practices”, he said.

In key note speech Dr Valentine Uwamariya, the Education Minister who presided over the event assured that the Government of Rwanda is more than willing to render the necessary support to the University of Rwanda.

“The Government will continue to empower the University of Rwanda in all meaningful and relevant ways” said Uwamariya.

During this year graduation, a total of 8,908 graduates in various programs were feted from the university of Rwanda six colleges. Among them, 385 graduates were awarded Masters’ degrees while 57 were awarded Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates. A total of 7,796 graduated with Bachelor’s degrees while 467 graduate were awarded with Advanced Diploma and 198 with Diploma