Welcoming Message


A very warm welcome to the Africa Center Excellence of Energy for sustainable development the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology (UR- CST).

 It’s a center of excellence that is located in the city center of Kigali and it hosts many students coming from Rwanda and outside, it offers multidisciplinary science and engineering courses in post graduate levels (Master and PhD by research) in the following specializations.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Power systems
  • Energy Economics

Government of Rwanda in partnership with World Bank has massively invested in Education through four Africa Centers of excellence to train in post graduate programs work as catalyst to achieve millennium development goals as an indicator of sustainable development in Africa.


Therefore as you enter the academy of the center you are trained and equipped to serve better our stakeholders including Governments, private sector and industry. 

Remember universities are not built to serve themselves but to build and sustain knowledge and skills to serve the people and enhance human and capital development.

Hence calling upon each and every student/researcher that as our government and donors invest in you, you must also work hard and deliver to the expectations to avoid wasteful expenses.

The center under University of Rwanda College of science and technology embraces many cultures and welcomes unique contribution for civilization which makes it inferior to none but equal to all.  The Center’s priority has to be rebuilding our economic competitiveness and the achievement of economic growth and development based on global technological advancement as a driving force that will set our region free from poverty and recession.


Your responsibility as Master students and Phd researchers will be to ensure that the resources spent in your training are maximized as much as possible. Whether you are funded by your Governments, your families or yourselves, it is an investment in your future and in our collective future.

Best wishes to everyone and success to your academic endeavors


Pro. Etienne Ntagwirumugara

ACE-ESD Center Director