Policies Lost in Translation: Combating the Green House Gas Emission Merry-go-round for increased utilization of Renewable Energy Technologies.

Katundu Imasiku, Etienne Ntagwirumugara and  Billy Coop


There seems to be a “Merry-go-round” scenario in the world today, where efforts to reduce the CO2 (Green House Gas) emissions in one country or region, are being countered by an increase in CO2 emissions elsewhere. While developed nations strive to reduce the CO2 emissions, semi-developed and developing nations, on the contrary, increase their emissions in an effort to attain a developed nation status. This paper will unravel how policies that govern CO2 emissions have been lost in translation and how they are being re-defined by several actors in the world today, in order to suit their interests, gains and protect their investments. It will also advocate for its adaption of an international legislature that would guide CO2 emissions monitored by one governing body or institute in both developed and developing nations. This issue can be resolved by engaging the developing countries to cut their CO2 emissions as they strive to achieve development or alleviate poverty while ensuring that the developed nations are not increasing the CO2 emissions. However, this legislature should also take into consideration the people, planet and profits (3Ps) as it is being rolled out in order to ensure that a fair business climate exists for the enhancement of green growth using sustainable renewable energies and technologies.

IEEE Publication