Investigation of wireless power transfer with sine and pulse modes comparison at a resonant frequency of 150 kHz

Bahoranimana Barnabe, Etienne Ntagwirumugara, Akshay Kumar Saha


The research focuses on two modes of wireless power transfer, sine and pulse, respectively. In this paper, a particular signal was injected through input of a transmitting coil and compared the recorded power transferred to a receiving coil with respect to each displacement. The resonant frequency of 150 kHz generated by an external oscillator was used to conduct the experiments. The two solutions were compared and analyzed in order to figure out their behavior, with respective to the efficiency reduction, as the distance increases. A simple implemented circuit model of wireless power transfer system was explored with sine and pulse modes. Results of experimental tests were measured using an oscilloscope and presented numerically and visually with the help of tables and graphs to demonstrate that efficiency of wireless power transfer systems can be improved by using a pulse mode rather than sine mode. With pulse mode, the radiated range is longer, compared to that of input sine wave.

IEEE Publication