Although the ACE-ESD committee took the time to verify each applicant's data and selected applicants objectively and fairly,  it is common that there could have been a human error in the process. As such the center gives a chance for not selected applicants who would want to appeal for his/her results.
This should be done within one (1) week starting from the date on which this email is sent.
your appeals should be sent to the following Link

SELECTION CRITERIA for Appeal Guidance

Having sorted and clustered all applicants’ files and folders, selection of applicants followed the following criteria, ranked in the chronological order of weighting based on clusters.

  1. Applicants who did not filled application form well are not listed
  2. Applicants without a Complete application file are not listed
  3. Target admission letters to be issued totals to 120 letters, 40 letters per program
  4. Academic performance merit
  5. Background of study in relation to the program applied for
  6. Gender (Female applicants were favored when they had the same ranking with male competitors) for women capacity enhancement in STEM studies.
  7. Nationality of the applicant (Rwandan or Regional)
  8. Experience of the applicant  (if all above had the same ranking for competing applicants)