Dr. Diego Sandoval visited the ACEESD to Meet with Ph.D. students and conducting some seminars

On the 4th -8th of March 2019 Dr. Diego Sandoval visited the ACEESD at University of Rwanda to Meet with Ph.D. students under his Supervision and Also conducting some seminars on:

  • The democratization of Knowledge: open-source, open-hardware, open-data, open-learning, open-*: case study: IoT and LoRaWAN.
  • Python crash course
  • Open-source in science and engineering: data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning.
  • The role of buildings in the future of decentralized and centralized electricity
  • systems: decentralized electricity storage, new business models, new tariffs schemes, low-exergy, zero-emission buildings
Dr. Diego Sandoval

Ph.D. students were pleased to meet and interact with him face to face, Dr. Diego helps them to solve and sort-out some technical problem related to their research.

And for the seminars, around 40 participants attend the Seminars and really thanks Dr. Diego for those interesting topics, they appreciated the way he has taken his time to interact with them.