the ACE-ESD retreat for evaluation and planning

On this 3th -6th April 2018 the Africa Centre of Excellence in energy for sustainable development had a 3days retreat.

And the Main Objectives of this retreat were:

  • Analyzing the status of the center activities i.e. the current position of the center, and the progress of all activities.
  • Look back and check the previous action plan and financial year for the year of 2016-2017.
  • Drafting next year action plan for the Centre (2018-2019)
  • Drafting MoUs with other partners
  • General management of the centre
ACE-ESD staff and University of Rwanda SPIU staff

The current status of the center activities (Where we are)

Looking at the budget execution level of the previous financial year 2017-2018 in total the budget has been used up to 21%, yet the donor wants at least by June 2018 the budget should be at 80% in order to get other 80% of the next installment by world bank.

The Centre Director informed the participants that there are many activities that have been done but also many still on hold, yet they are catered for in the previous action plan. In real sense these activities would have been done but they are not in full control of the center.

Near future Plans of the center

2 Centre staff will be sent to Colorado State University for the university staff exchange programme which is part of Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI). The 2 staff will be trained on Micro grid laboratory that will be brought to the center to serve as Laboratory for students in research and hands on skills in Micro grid laboratory.

Colorado has made a list of all equipment that will be used by theses staff including programming, working functions and many others.

As during this workshop, members were ready to talk the truth and collectively iron out the problems and challenges in the center administration and managed to develop the 2018-2019 annual budget draft.