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The Africa Centre of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development (ACEESD)in the College of Science and Technology,University of Rwanda is being established to address this critical challenge.

The Centre is being established under the World Bank’s Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence Project (ACE II) supported by national governments within the region. ACEESD is expected to result in building capacity of the East and Southern African region through the University of Rwanda,College of Science and Technology to undertake interdisciplinary research and training in smart and micro-grid energy technologies tailored to serve remote and/or rural areas using renewable sources, power systems and energy management and trade policy, train 40 PhD and 120 MSc energy experts and improve research and teaching environment.

| Abstract

Modern energy access acts as a catalyst for development. It connects economic growth with social equity and environmental sustainability which are important Millennium Development Goals. However, the vast majority of sub-Saharan Africans lack access to affordable clean energy and critical energy services. The sub-region also lacks the critical mass of highly skilled professionals,with specialized knowledge in engineering and technology (especially in power systems and in electrical engineering) that is required to generate the innovations needed to boost productivity in the energy sector.

This presents a significant challenge which requires sustained efforts to train highly skilled energy professionals, policy makers and practitioners, who will apply research towards the development of renewable energy technologies and solutions for the critical/priority sectors of the economy in the sub-region.

|Goals and Project Objectives

The mission and vision of ACEESD is to create a world-class energy centre that will be a regional hub for research and training of African engineers, policy makers and energy utility managers (in micro-grid energy systems using renewable energy sources and interstate energy trading,management and policy); contribute to rural development through technology transfer; and nurture and promote entrepreneurship development in the energy sector towards sustainable development. The specific project objectives of ACEESD are:


To provide national and regional capacity-building (MSc & PhD) for the establishment and implementation of energy systems using local energy sources and appropriate technologies to cover energy needs for sustainable development.


To develop and transfer appropriate energy technologies for sustainable development at the national and regional levels;


To contribute and strengthen cooperation between industry and academia in the field of clean energy.


To provide energy research, consultancy and advisory services to both public and private organizations at national, regional and international levels;


To provide policy development skills training for students, policy-makers and utility managers aimed at building policy and monitoring capacity in the region which is critical for effective interconnection of energy systems.