Staff exchange between CSU and UR(ACE-ESD)

The Centre of Energy (ACE-ESD) has received a visit from Daniel Zimmerle Senior Research Associate from ENERGY INSTTUTE COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY and the purpose of the visit was:

  • Planning for Staff exchange between CSU and UR(ACE-ESD)
  • Preparing the Projects that could be performed in Rwanda for 5 Years between CSU and ACE-ESD/UR
  • And for the Supervision of the PhD student of ACE-ESD

The 5 project was developed in conjunction with Jerry Duggan, Daniel Zimmerle, Kurt Barth Walajabad Sampath of CSIJ in Partnership with Prof. Etienne Ntagwirumugara from African Center of Excellence in Energy for Sustainable Development.

Prof Etienne Ntangwirumugara and Daniel Zimmerle from CSU

The list represents an initial list of projects that could be performed using the laboratory at UR/CST either independently, or in conjunction with CSI-J.

  1. Microgrid Control Topics
  2. Load Development & Configuration
  3. Generation Device & System Development
  4. Techno-Economic Studies
  5. Testing and Certification of Devices

And for info about the 5 project download the document from this link

CSU staff exchange and Visit Summary:

  1. CSU will identify potential post-doctoral or late-stage PhD students who could be employed by the U. Rwanda for 1 or more semesters to teach CSU course material for modules in the ACEESD program.
  2. CSU will review the MS program for renewable energy and electric power systems and provide feedback to UR.
  3. CSU & UR develop cooperative program to supervise of PhD students
  4. CSU will support a staff/student exchange to understand current microgrid laboratory and to assist with the design of the UR/CST microgrid laboratory. Staff/students will travel to CSU for 2-4 weeks, engage in a small laboratory project, and, while at CSU, do conceptual design the laboratory facilities in Rwanda.
  5. CSU/UR develop a working connection to the I/U CRC (Industry/university collaborative research center) focusing on photovoltaic system development. Initial target of this cooperation will be to establish PV system testing at UR in Kigali or surrounding area.

CSU will provide a formal invitation for the Principal of UR/CST and DVC-AAR to visit CSU for development of the above programs, and extensions into biomedical engineering, atmospheric research, and potential cooperative work with Colorado School of Mines on mining and metallurgical technologies.